American Made Women's Clothing on Sale

American Made Women's Clothing on Sale

With all that is going on in the world, small businesses are struggling to survive, at cabotparticlematters we are no different. It’s been tough and many of us have had to rethink our business practices.

To help with our cash flow, we put a huge amount of our women’s tops on sale. It worked, with 56% of purchases coming from returning customers in the last week. What does that tell you?...they love our products and keep coming back for more!

It’s a win-win situation, you get American made women’s clothing at rock-bottom prices, and we get cash flow to help us stay in business. 

Stylish clothes for women over 50 isn’t always easy to find, here you will find everything in one place at our online clothing store, and many of them are at rock-bottom prices. 

So many ask if stylish clothes for women over 60 are available. Yes, over 60 is included with over 50. I’m in my 60’s and wear everything you will find on the website. Mature women’s clothing at its best. 

Stay home, stay safe, and do your shopping for women’s clothing made in America.  

Scroll down to see just a few examples of which tops are on sale. Prices will never be this low again. Shop the sale items now click here 

WARNING – the sale items are selling fast so the longer this article is up, the less inventory there will be. Don’t wait…ACT NOW click here 

All colors available for just €29.99 Flattering A-line here

Some colors available but running out fast at only €19.99 here

The green and black is on sale for just €29.99 - here 

Flattering Drape Neck Womens top all colors just €29.99 - here

This popular gathered top is on sale in 2 colors just €29.99 - here

On sale in all colors at just €29.99 - here


Modal Collection - The Basics - Jackets and Vests - New Arrivals - On Sale
Complete Collection - Leisure Suits/Leggings - Long Sleeves - Petites

Thank you for being part of my journey

Happy Shopping


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