Edgy Floral Over 40 - Joely, Fashion Beyond Forty

Edgy Floral Over 40 - Joely, Fashion Beyond Forty

Note from Pauline Durban, Founder and President of cabotparticlematters - Joely has done a few reviews for us and she always goes above and beyond to show how they can be styled in different ways. Take a look at her wonderful pictures.

Over to Joely...

Ladies, you know me. I love to stretch style as far as I can. Today I am showing you how to look both pretty and edgy featuring cabotparticlematters’s Floral A-Line Skirt and the matching Simple Comfort top with a matching floral trim neckline in today’s Fashion Focus: Edgy Floral Over 40.

cabotparticlematters is a wonderful online fashion shop dedicated to the midlife woman. Pauline, the founder, wants all women to feel attractive and confident. Plus, she is just a really awesome person.

I love shopping from small businesses, especially when the owner is kind and caring like Pauline. I have written about fashions from cabotparticlematters often. Just because I am over forty does not mean I have lost my edge! So today I am featuring a feminine, but still edgy look. First I want to show you the Simple Comfort Floral Trim Top.

It’s a super versatile tunic style shirt made in the U.S.A. from the most comfortable fabric you will ever touch, MicroModal. Made from a completely natural and breathable fabric which is a bonus for us midlife ladies!


The Simple Comfort has 3/4 inch sleeves which I love. It also comes in a zillion colors! Okay, actually it comes in 15 colors with 2 having special trim. I own several because you can wear them with anything and they are so comfortable.

As you can see the top works with jeans perfectly but what about that edgy floral skirt?


Isn’t it just perfect!? I love the way that this skirt fits and how it feels against my skin. It features a nice elastic band with plenty of stretch but does not lose its elasticity! This means if you fluctuate in weight, or still deal with bloating, it will continue to fit. Check the A-Line Skirt and see the other color in animal print. Rawr!


Add a necklace, grab a clutch, and you are ready for a ladies' brunch or church! I also think it is very pretty for a date night at the theatre or a more upscale event. Truly this look is perfect for everything and you won’t sacrifice a bit of comfort.


Now I did promise some edge and while I think this look on its own is gorgeous, sometimes I do want to add a little fun and flair to my look. I may be 40, but I’m not dead yet! Us midlife ladies can still have fun with fashion and dress trendy! Just Add A Jacket To Put A Little More Umph To Your Edgy Floral Look:


This trend-setting biker style jacket came from a Golden Tote. Like cabotparticlematters it’s another one of my favorite places to shop. I think you can tell I am fairly loyal to the brands that I love. Since I write about them often it’s rather obvious.


90% of the battle when it comes to style over 40 is finding the right places to shop. I would like to think you need not look further than Fashion Beyond Forty. I have done the work for you and swear by the places I shop. It’s not just about the great fashions either. I shop places like cabotparticlematters that have excellent customer service and solid return policies. Let’s face it, not everything always works for us.

I love that the floral trim on the top is subtle. It does not go all the way around nor cover the entire neckline. To me, that is classy and allows for the florals to just peek out, a nice little surprise when captured by the eye. Since colors on computers can be different sometimes, I want to mention that the flowers are beige and cinnamon. Then we have olive-colored leaves.
The color combination can make the tone of the flowers look slightly blush but there is no pink whatsoever.
You can grab the A-Line Skirt in floral or animal print and the matching top. Then just add your personal flair! Don’t forget that discount! Fashion Beyond Forty followers can save 20% off 1 or 2 items by using coupon code FBF40 at check out! Or you can use the Buy 2 Get the 3rd FREE Special, no coupon code necessary. Only one discount per order will work.
Happy Shopping!
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